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Self-Care is Saving Soles because people like YOU stepped out in healing generosity

Isha had been enduring the increasing pain and swelling in his leg for years. No longer able to work in the fields, he had to rely on friends and family for survival. Although still in the prime of his young life, members of his community stigmatised him. Some of them were even members of his own family! But thanks to the support of people like you, Isha is able to attend an integrated Leprosy and Neglected Tropical Disease Clinic. He is now in treatment there with assistance from The Leprosy Mission Nigeria.

Isah has received ulcer care training and has become a member of a self- care group in his community. He is learning how to take care of himself and manage his deformities.

The interruptions to the medicine supply chain during the pandemic affected Isah’s condition. But thankfully, he is back on medication now and it makes the pain from his ulcers more bearable. Isah is also receiving counselling. He is keen to heal and get back to living a normal life again. And  this is ALL made possible because of people like you! Isah is so grateful for the support he’s receiving through The LeprosyMission Nigeria.

For Isah to return to farming and earning a dignified income, there is still more work to be done. He urgently needs minor surgery and will need to heal completely. But together and with God, we know all things are possible! Thank you for supporting people affected by leprosy in Nigeria,

The Strengthening Integrated Neglected Tropical Disease Control

in Zamfara Project project in Nigeria is supported by the Australian

Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

Thanks to ANCP and your support, your project in Nigeria is able to help

improve the well-being of more people affected by leprosy and disability.