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The Joy of gaining a leg. Your compassion and prayers give reason to celebrate.

by Andrew Newmarch

International Programs Manager The Leprosy Mission Australia

Most of us are thankful for our limbs and how they enable us to do things. We get annoyed when we experience damage: a cut, a bruise, a pulled muscle, a broken bone. With our medical system most of us will resume full functionality of that part of our body. We give thanks for God’s provision of the medical research skills, treatments and systems developed over centuries to make that possible. We also have a disability care system that makes life so much easier in our society than in others.

I recently visited a clinic in Kuruvappan Pettai village, near Cuddalore, India. I received a flower garland in welcome and introduced to some people who had gathered there for disability therapy. Among them were Mr Murugan,

Mr Ramar and Mrs Devaki who were all leg amputees. They had lost limbs for various reasons, often due to irreparable leprosy damage. They had all been measured and fitted for prosthetic legs. Given that I was visiting, the presentation of legs to them was delayed a few days so I could hand them their legs!

It was very exciting to see these men and women walk around the room, smiles beaming from their faces.

They now have a mobility previously lacking. What was even more astounding was how quickly they applied their new limb to doing life. Mr Ramar hopped on his bicycle and rode off. Mr Murugan hopped on to his motor scooter, needed a friend to start the scooter, but then rode off

on his own. Mrs Devaki was able to get up side- saddle on the pillion seat of another scooter and they rode off.

Give thanks for the skills of the Inclusive Empowerment therapy team and their care for people with disability. Also pray for these amputees as they adjust to life with their new leg and discover what they can now do.

Thank you for your compassionate heart!

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