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You can stop the fear and stigma of leprosy!

For a leprosy-affected person, you could be the difference between dying alone like Alfredu… or healing and restoration from leprosy. With your gift of compassion and love, you help fight the fear and stigma of leprosy.
Give now – save lives with your gift!


Alfredu should have been found, diagnosed, and treated for leprosy early…

He should have been cured, taught self-care to manage his ulcers and been a welcome member of his family.

Instead, Alfredu was left to live in a shack with pigs and rats. He couldn’t feel the rats gnawing at his toes because he had lost feeling in his feet.

He suffered alone for 15 years before he died. His family were afraid of him because they thought he was cursed and only came near him to leave a plate of food… before running away.

But the love of Jesus casts out all fear! Will you be an instrument of God’s love today?


Give now – save lives with your gift!


Your gift is urgently needed.

You will support the healing ministry in Timor Leste, where The Leprosy Mission is the only international organisation in the country to help people with leprosy. The Australian Government have cut overseas aid spending further to an all-time low… yet again.

How will your gift save lives?

Your gift will be used for

  • Leprosy screening – to find hidden or undiagnosed cases like Alfredu’s
  • Treatment and cure – your gift goes towards providing Multi Drug Therapy and the care needed for someone with horrific and infected wounds from leprosy
  • Fighting stigma – your gift goes towards fighting stigma and mistaken beliefs about leprosy through community advocates

Your gift can stop others with leprosy from suffering alone and dying of neglect.


Donating from outside Australia?

Thank you for your generosity, but due to increased security measures, payments made from cards other than Australian and New Zealand credit cards are not able to be processed online.

If you would like to donate from outside Australia, please call us on +61 3 9890 0577 or fill out the form below and we will contact you to process your donation for you. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Please include country and area code

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  • Your personal details are precious. We won’t pass them on to anyone. We promise. You can read our Privacy Statement.

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