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A Christmas Season Message

20 Dec 2021 | Author: The Leprosy Mission Australia

Dr Grace Warren

Yes, God does not have His dwelling in the skies but here with us – guiding and helping us.

He became a Man and showed us He cares for us and understands our needs. It is fascinating to reread the details of how God organised the birth of Jesus so that shepherds and Wise Men would be the first to see Him. Then it was necessary for Him to be taken to Egypt to avoid the slaughter by Herod. Egypt would certainly have been thought a dangerous place by many at that time.

We hear little of his boyhood – but know he was brought up in a Godly family and went to the temple for the festivals. Jesus as a boy would have been well taught the basis of faith in God and so even as a boy He is an example to us to love and serve God, even as a boy he learnt to work as a carpenter.

It has been a funny year with the lockdowns and the problems of the COVID virus. Life has not been easy here for us; we have not seen much of family and friends, but we can believe that God cares for them. But we fortunately have been able to worship together, often by computer or radio.

The patients we seek to help overseas have often got it much worse, as some countries we cannot get into easily. Many of our patients need care and it is difficult to get to them the supplies they need.

We need to pray that the essentials at least will get to them and that they can continue to earn a suitable living to support themselves and their families. God has been good in giving us the ability to help them, to reconstruct deformed limbs and teach them crafts suitable to their disabilities — and of course to provide the medications needed to eliminate leprosy infections.

Pray for those still working in this field and that new patients should come to our clinics before they are really deformed. There certainly are countries where there are patients who need the full care, but it is not available at present.

May God continue to lead us on to meet the needs of many who also need His love and care. Your prayers and gifts can do much when given in His name, and bring His blessings to you.

This comes with best wishes for a happy, holy Christmas season!

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