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Your prayers and support give leprosy patients hope

12 Aug 2021 | Author: The Leprosy Mission Australia

When leprosy interrupts lives, your prayers and support help provide patients with hope for the future and with the care that they need. Thank you for taking precious time out of your day, to draw aside and pray for people affected by leprosy.

Your loving kindness can be ‘the very salve that helps soothe’ the sick and frustrated. Patients who may well be running out of… patience…can experience God’s love — because of you. Thank you. You are helping leprosy patients like Bhakta in Nepal.

Bhakta had leprosy years ago and thought that he was cured, but leprosy is unpredictable and it has struck again. Leprosy is no respecter of persons.

Bhakta was first diagnosed with leprosy in his twenties and he and his father both received treatment, including Multi-Drug Therapy (MDT), the antibiotics used to treat leprosy, at Green Pastures Hospital. This is a Christian Hospital in Pokhara in regional Nepal. It was there that Bhakta encountered God and became a Christian.

Inspired to explore his faith further, Bhakta started Bible College. He hoped to be more involved in his church and with ministry. But sadly, Bhakta developed leprosy again.

Recurrence of leprosy is most commonly due to incomplete treatment because of supply failure, poor patient compliance or complications interrupting treatment. In cases of Multi-bacillary leprosy, even completion of the 12-month course of MDT recommended by The World Health organisation (WHO), may not eradicate all the bacteria. Very rarely it returns due to a re-infection from another source.

So before Bhakta could even complete Bible College, he was back for treatment at The Leprosy Mission‘s Anandaban Hospital in Kathmandu. (How frustrating! He only had 3 months to go!)

While many leprosy patients like Bhakta must put their life ‘on hold’ for leprosy, thankfully they can have a peace beyond all understanding as they recover. They can experience God’s love through the support of fellow Christians at Anandaban Hospital and dedicated prayer partners like you!

Praise God! At Anandaban, patients can pray together. Your messages of encouragement are used to strengthen each other throughout their recovery.

Thank you for your support to restore their health and hope! God bless you!

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