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A Christmas Letter from Dr Grace Warren

12 Nov 2020 | Author: The Leprosy Mission Australia

Yes Jesus came that there might be Peace on earth . “the Son of God became man to enable men to become Sons of God”

Jesus — The word of God became flesh. The Son of God became man

The Lord of all became a servant. The righteous one was made sin. The eternal one tasted death. The risen one now lives in men. The seated one is coming again. What a message for this unsettled world- Jesus is the only one who can bring Peace and happiness in our hearts and in the world

Yes what a year we have had! The virus has upset every one’s plans- and only seems to get worse every day-with so much lock down and even restrictions of the number of folk who can attend Church services and all other gatherings. Though those restrictions have been eased in NSW now- but still affect many, all around the world. I feel fortunate in that I do not need to get out and about much these days. I am no longer a registered practitioner so I do not need to go to clinics- and I still have my car to get travel in though I only drive short distances now.

I started the year well sorting my papers etc but in April had an accident and slipped and fell and broke my right hip. Ended in Hospital with surgery, a Hip arthroplasty, but recovered very well and could actually walk out of hospital with a 4 wheel walker which I was soon able to give up and just use a walking stick for safety. I am still doing physiotherapy to try and get my leg muscles back to full function though I can walk reasonably without any walker. My GP now is the local Health Service which is free to all residents in this village. So Something else I can be thankful for., though My Garden is a wreck as I have not been able to get into it much but now we are getting some rain and as I have improved so I hope that By Christmas it will look OK again.

This Christmas may your eyes of faith see His beauty behold His glory and Look on His love.,

May you be very conscious of His care and guiding throughout the New Year ahead. And May His Touch of Love make your Christmas wonderful and May you be very conscious of His presence.

With Best Wishes., Grace Warren.

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