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Hope and joy in PNG because of people like you. Thank you!

16 Mar 2020 | Author: The Leprosy Mission Australia

Thank you to everyone who prays for and supports people affected by leprosy in Papua New Guinea (PNG). It has some of the most remote places on earth, however with support from people like you we can reach people to share your love and generosity with them.

In PNG village health workers and community members are trained to detect leprosy. They visit leprosy-affected patients regularly to encourage them not only to seek diagnosis but to make sure they complete their treatment.

Thanks to your incredible support, many people in PNG are receiving help from village health workers and members of their community and are now cured of leprosy. What a wonderful thing to be part of, thank you!

Children like Augustine are being cured because of people like you. He has a partially clawed right hand but is working with a physiotherapist to learn exercises for his hand and fingers. If he can regularly exercise this way, it may prevent further clawing and mean that he won’t require surgery in the future. He will be able to live a fuller life.

Augustine has a loving grandmother who takes care of him and makes sure he does his treatment every day.

“My hand is feeling so much better now!’’ Augustine told us.

Augustine likes to play soccer and he is the goalkeeper for his team. His partially clawed hand isn’t holding him back from doing what he loves.

“My friends love to play soccer with me, they said I am a good goalkeeper!” he declared with joy.

“The joy of The Lord
is your strength!”
—Nehemiah 8:10

Thank you for bringing healing and hope to children like Augustine in PNG this Easter.

Please pray Augustine will continue to be diligent with his exercises and that he will continue to experience life in all its fullness. Pray for the village health volunteers and for their work in detecting leprosy, and that they can reach everyone currently with the disease that has not yet been diagnosed.

To provide monthly financial support to people affected by leprosy in PNG, please call Georgie or Lisa on 1800 LEPROSY (1800 537 767) or email:

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