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Thank you for helping Saru raise a dozen kids AND transform a community!

18 Feb 2020 | Author: The Leprosy Mission Australia

By TIM COLLISON, Engagement Coordinator – The Leprosy Mission Australia

I met Saru, a 35-year-old a mum of 3, on the recent supporter trip to Nepal. Saru and her son were both diagnosed with leprosy and have each received treatment. Thanks to you!

Although now cured, diagnosis came too late to prevent deformity in Saru’s hand. But this has not stopped her from thriving. She is part of a Leprosy Mission funded Self-Help Group, and has become the group’s facilitator.

Thanks to supporters like you, the group received a grant. Saru was able to set up a small business and buy 3 goats to breed. She has since taken a loan from the group and has bought 2 buffaloes, and also used her increased income to invest in pigs and has 10 pigs in her sty!

With each new blessing, Saru’s confidence has grown. Both she and her son have been able to access provisions from the government. Her daughters are attending school regularly. And recently, she was nominated as a member of a district level Disability Coordination Committee and elected Chairperson.

What a woman! Praise God!

Her group now has 200 members and the rate of completing leprosy treatment in the area is around 100%.

This is due to the group members caring for and supporting each other.

“One of the benefits [of being in the group] is being able to share ideas, experiences and problems,” Saru told me, “It’s helped group members find their own way to solve problems.”

The group is active in case finding and contact tracing.

Thirty-one people have also received assistive devices. Saru and the group acknowledge their success wouldn’t have been possible without people like you! Saru’s message to you:

“I’d like to say to the people of Australia that I’m very happy. I’m excited. I’m feeling well. But there are still people in need. I’ve been helped from this project but there are other people who are really in need. So please continue with the support for people in need.” — Saru

To help another person affected by leprosy, like Saru please call 1800 537 767 or click here to make a donation.

Thank you for your support.

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