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November 2020: Will You Kathmandu?

21 Nov 2019 | Author: The Leprosy Mission Australia

Supporter Tour in Nepal: Wednesday 4th – Sunday 15th November 2020

See your projects in action! Join with us on a tour over 11 days in Nepal. From the surgical precision of The Leprosy Mission’s Anandaban Hospital, to the inclusion and empowerment of village Self-Help Groups. You’ll experience for yourself what “defeating leprosy and transforming lives” really means for those affected.

You’ll immerse yourself in Nepalese culture and come home from this ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ truly knowing your support makes a world of difference.

Dr Colin Martin who directed this year’s tour tour said: “It is a real blessing to be able to share the work that we are so passionate about and which we have seen grow and develop over the last ten years, with a group of people who come to share our excitement. Seeing the impact of leprosy on people’s lives is confronting. To see the difference that our donors and those on the ground in Nepal, both workers and beneficiaries can make, in overcoming these challenges, focuses and energizes us all.”

jenny and david marshman

Jenny and David

David and Jenny were in the group of 14 that visited Nepal in September and are encouraged to see how lives are being transformed in villages beyond the medical intervention work.

“Leprosy Defeated, Lives Transformed” – this is the vision of TLM and a Leprosy Awareness trip is when you can see it firsthand! We cannot return to Australia without spreading the word that leprosy is still a contagious disease in many countries and needs to become a thing of the past because of the huge stigma impact and disabling it can have on individuals.”

Estimated Tour Cost: $2,800 per person (Excludes flights from Australia to Kathmandu and return. And return airfare to Dharan.) Express your interest now! Limited places available! Contact Tim Collison, by calling 1800 537 767 or via email:

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