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Nepal poem

31 Oct 2019 | Author: The Leprosy Mission Australia

           Nepal Trip

There was movement at the airport as the group began to swell,

And gather for our trip to Kathmandu,

We were off to visit Leprosy Mission and on the grounds to dwell,

For most a chance to experience something new.


There was Tim, our gallant organiser, who did a mighty work,

In communicating all we needed to know-

To make our trip run smoothly, hard work he didn’t shirk.

When September came we were rearing to go.


And farmer Col and Sally came as learned folk and guides,

As they have worked here many times before.

They helped with showing us the ropes, with them we laughed and cried,

As we processed all we learnt and saw.


Supa came with camera and a head for products fair,

As he’s involved with Mission catalogue of gifts.

And Susie gathered stories for Christian radio to share,

The ones we heard, they do our spirits lift.


At Anandaban we saw so many wonderful departments;

The surgery, pathology, physio and ulcer wards.

And met amazing staff who, their time for us they freely lent.

Of course, Deanna’s dedication needs applause.


We went to church with Shovarka and his lovely wife.

The room it filled with worshippers so keen.

The pastor was from Kenya and he preached with lots of life,

His sermon was in English so we understood his meaning.


Then south to Chitwan National Park, we flew by Buddha Air,

To see elephants, rhino, monkeys and spotted deer.

And to visit 2 co-operatives, managed with pride and care.

Their agricultural enterprises are working so well here.


Across the country, then we drove, east, in bus ride long and bumpy.

With forests green, rivers wide and the vistas grand.

We saw with Andrew terrific projects only running for two years,

On Saru’s farm we saw the results on her land.


On Thursday, on the plane again to fly back to Kathmandu,

A coffee and some cake was what we were craving for,

A visit to Bhaktapur was a tourist must see and do

And of course some shopping- you can always buy one more!


Our group is from all over Oz but each one shares the faith;

With Phil and Kathrine, Jen and Dave from South Australia, grand,

Heather’s from the West and Tim, Jim and Anne from Melbourne south,

Col, Sally and Janet from New South Wales, Susie and us Queensland.


Lord Jim must get a mention for his appetite and conversation,

And Kathrine, she has been the photo queen!

There is so much to see and smell and absorb in this small nation,

How will we all remember what we’ve seen?


We must agree we have been well led, by Col, Sally, Tim and others,

We thank them for their leadership and care.

We leave with knowing now, more sisters and more brothers

And shall commit to keep each one in prayer.


Joanne Millar, The Leprosy Mission Nepal Supporters Tour.  Sept 2019.

nepal supporters tour


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