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Healed through prayer and your care – thank you!

20 Sep 2019 | Author: The Leprosy Mission Australia

Nabin is a 30 year old man in Nepal, who 6 years ago found a patch on his skin. He went to a private hospital and they gave him some medication.

But the patch persisted, so a few years later he went to a general clinic. They did a biopsy and told him it was leprosy. But as he was not experiencing any pain, he didn’t do anything more about it.

One day he saw a short film on television about leprosy awareness. He then decided to go to the Government Clinic. They confirmed his leprosy diagnosis and gave him medicine to take for six months — which he did.

But it wasn’t long before he found a sore and nodules on his skin. He again went to the clinic and this time they referred him to a Leprosy Mission Clinic.

When he went to the clinic, the staff immediately sent him to The Leprosy Mission’s Anandaban Hospital where he began Multi-Drug Therapy (MDT).

Nabin has now had an operation to drain pus from around a major nerve at his elbow. It is not expected that he will need to stay in hospital very long. This is good news! Nabin and his wife also have a young baby. Nabin hopes he can return to his job as a driver to support his family.

Nabin is smiling. He will access physiotherapy and learn self-care at the Anandaban Self-Care Unit — thanks to your support. This will restore as much mobility to his hand as possible. He would also appreciate your prayers…

Nabin knows the power of prayer. When he was experiencing bad pain, he asked for prayer from his pastor and he was healed. After that, Nabin’s mother also came to Christ. Now the whole household is Christian. Hallelujah! Praise God.

Please pray for continued healing and strength for Nabin’s hand and that others may experience the power of prayer and care through The Leprosy Mission in Nepal.

To provide ongoing care to people affected by leprosy in Nepal, please contact Georgie to organise a regular monthly gift for Nepal on FREECALL 1800 LEPROSY (1800 537 767) or

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