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“They threw petrol over me…”

15 May 2019 | Author: Tim Lam

No disease should drive a family to try to burn one of their own alive. But that’s what happened to Munia.

The first signs of leprosy appeared when Munia was just a girl. Her feet became numb and cracked.

Instead of offering love and support, her family became afraid. They believed Munia was cursed. Munia’s mother was the only one who loved and protected her.

But then her mother passed away. There was no one left to protect Munia…

Munia was sent to live with her uncle and cousins. But they saw Munia as a burden.

So they tried to kill her.

One night, they threw petrol over Munia and set her on fire.

Munia managed to put out the flames with water nearby. But the other villagers, armed with knives, sticks and bits of bamboo, drove her out from the community.

Scared and alone, with no one to turn to, Munia became homeless. She slept at a village train station.

One day, she met a kind beggar who recognised that she had leprosy. He suggested that she visit a Leprosy Mission hospital to seek treatment.

Munia was reluctant at first, not knowing whether to trust the stranger. She was also scared that the hospital might treat her the same way her village did.

But the team at The Leprosy Mission hospital welcomed Munia with open arms.

She was given clean clothes, food and a bed. She received Multi-Drug Therapy to cure her leprosy and to heal her wounds.

Sadly, Munia’s left foot was so badly infected that it had to be amputated – the only way to save her life. She still has severe deformities on her hands and feet because she was not treated early enough.

But Munia is now a much happier person. She says the hospital has a nice atmosphere, the nurses and doctors treat her like family and she no longer needs to live in fear.

Had Munia been diagnosed and treated early, she could have been free from disabilities and safe from abuse.

Left to fend for herself on the streets, Munia could have died. Instead, she received a leprosy cure and a loving place to care for her… all thanks to people like you!

There are many others like Munia who are afraid and alone. Your support can save lives… just like Munia’s.

Give now to provide urgent care for people like Munia who have nowhere else to go.

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