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Kila now casts her nets wider — thanks to you!

11 Apr 2019 | Author: The Leprosy Mission Australia

Kila runs a fish business in Papua New Guinea. When The Leprosy Mission Papua New Guinea started visiting her village, the staff helped her further develop her skills. Now she is sharing her knowledge by mentoring people affected by leprosy and disability — thanks to your support!

“I teach them how to run their own businesses.” Kila happily reports, “The people I have helped have started table markets and now they are still going,”

“When they sell their fish with me I teach them to use their money wisely and think about the future. I tell them to first save some money before they spend all of it.”

Kila explains her heart for people affected by leprosy is an out-working of her faith.

“I do this because I am Christ-centred,” she says. “I love people affected by leprosy. It is hard sometimes for people affected leprosy to do things for themselves,” Kila says.

In her role as business mentor for her village, Kila is keen to ‘pay it forward’ and continue to build others up, like she was. She feels that if they work together, people affected by leprosy can become empowered and more self-sufficient.

“People affected by leprosy need to set up a group. This way they can get their own fishing nets and books so they can help themselves.”

Leading by example, Kila has recently opened a bank account – the first person in her village to have one! She is planning to take out a small loan so she can grow her business.

“I am happy and thank The Leprosy Mission. The Leprosy Mission is part of God’s plan. Through The Leprosy Mission, I have learned many things.” – Kila

Kila’s clan doesn’t discriminate against people affected by leprosy, but she thinks maybe others do.

Kila also looked after a small boy affected by leprosy whose mother had died. He was only 12 years old and had to take medications for six months. Kila cared for him until he completed his treatment and then he returned to his father. “Now he is better, but he still comes to visit.“

Thank you for your support. Please pray The Leprosy Mission Papua New Guinea will find more community leaders like Kila to help equip people affected by leprosy in their villages.

To donate to people affected by leprosy and disability in Papua New Guinea, please call 1800 LEPROSY (1800 537 767) or donate using the buttons below.

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