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A father’s plea – “Please pray for Thresia”

19 Mar 2019 | Author: The Leprosy Mission Australia

Thresia lives in Papua New Guinea. She was diagnosed with leprosy when she was just 8 years old.

Her mother had passed away and her family were relying upon the kindness of their relatives to support them.

Thresia’s father, Damien, explains, “Thresia’s leprosy was transmitted from her cousin. I was very frustrated. Her cousin had leprosy but didn’t complete treatment. At just 20 years of age, Thresia’s cousin passed away.”

Thankfully, Thresia received treatment and was kept on course to complete it. Damien goes fishing early in the morning to earn money, and later in the day Thresia helps him sell the fish. But she struggles to walk around the village with her wares due to an ulcer on her foot. Providing for their large family is challenging.

“Thresia isn’t in school. I wanted her to complete her medication and resume her schooling,” says Damien.

But help is on its way through the arrival of local Leprosy Mission community facilitators. Through support from people like you, they will be able to provide Thresia with a uniform and pay for some of her school costs.

“I am very happy that The Leprosy Mission came and will encourage my daughter to return to school. My daughter Thresia is starting to feel empowered through the work of The Leprosy Mission.”

“I want to say a very big thanks to the people in Australia for supporting us.”

Damien has been inspired, “In the future I want to partake in an Income Generation Activity program.”

Damien is so grateful for all that is being done for his daughter. He has just this request:

“I would like Australian donors to pray in support of my family and that Thresia will be able to finish her education.”

Please pray Damien’s dreams for his daughter come true — that Thresia will be able to finish her education and have hope for a better future.

If you would like to support children affected by leprosy in Papua New Guinea through The Leprosy Mission Australia please call 1800 LEPROSY (1800 537 767) or go to:

You can also read more about Thresia’s story here. 

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