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Love at first sight at Anandaban

14 Feb 2019 | Author: Tim Lam

The Leprosy Mission Anandaban Hospital has provided hope and healing to thousands of people affected by leprosy in Nepal. But for Mithu and Akram, the hospital has a special place in their hearts – it is where they met and fell in love.

Mithu had experienced a lot of stigma because of leprosy. Her sister-in-law would not let Lakshmi touch her young son, even though they lived together in the same house. This upset Mithu a lot because she loves children.

When she developed complications and leprosy reaction, Lakshmi was referred to The Leprosy Mission Anandaban Hospital.

It was there that she met Akram.

Akram, who was also affected by leprosy, came to the hospital for ulcer treatment and reconstructive surgery on his nose.

“As soon as I came for treatment and saw her, I loved her,” Akram said.

After he finished his treatment, Akram started working at the self-care unit. He saw more of Lakshmi and started talking to his co-worker about her.

After many conversations­­ ­– and plenty of encouragement – Akram proposed.

Mithu and Akram are now happily married and have a beautiful daughter, Asika.

They love having a child so much they are planning to have another one.

The family now lives in accommodation at Anandaban Hospital and supports the self-care unit by looking after two buffaloes and vegetable farming on the site. They hope to one day open a small family business.

“I would also like to go back to my home village…I feel more confident now to challenge stigma. I now know that leprosy is not a curse.” Mithu said

“One day I would like my daughter, Asika, to become a nurse.”

Mithu’s past was filled with pain, rejection and stigma. But at Anandaban hospital, she found acceptance, hope and love.  

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