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Income streams – thanks to you!

18 Feb 2019 | Author: The Leprosy Mission Australia

What began with a borehole became a stream of thriving businesses for these Nigerian women. All thanks to you!

The whole Kuga community is benefiting from the fresh water pump supplied through your support. General health and wellbeing has improved through better hydration, sanitation and hygiene. But wait! There’s more!

Now — again, all thanks to your support — through the provision of a small business grant, the Kuga Women’s group are producing and selling jewellery beads and cleaning products for a good profit.

“This has been our primary source of income” Hossi, the group leader told us, “We have managed to sell goats and sheep at decent profits too.” They have also been able to purchase cattle through the group’s savings which their husbands look after.

The women are keen to further expand their businesses and impact the wider community.

“We are the people that can assist others in our community who need support,” Hossi said. They have also initiated an education program in their local community to ensure all primary school age children receive an education.

Hossi was pleased to report, “We have succeeded.” Thank you for your support!

Their confidence is visible to everyone around them. Another group member told us. “We’re considered important in our community — other people want to join our group who are not affected by leprosy or do not have disabilities. We used to beg, but people are now dependent on us and respect us.” Thank you.

Their special message to you:

“We highly appreciate your support! Please continue to support The Leprosy Mission so groups like ours can support others in our local communities, and keep our communities’ children benefiting from education!”

This World Water Day (March 22), give thanks to God for all the Safe Water and Sanitation projects around the world bringing health, healing and hope to people affected by leprosy and disability in so many ways! To donate to a Leprosy Mission Safe Water Project call 1800 LEPROSY (1800 537 767).

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