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Thank you for your labours of love

22 Jan 2019 | Author: The Leprosy Mission Australia

Recently Shirley Bates and Jan Saunders were honoured with a Certificate of Honory Life Membership for their many years of service.

They have been supporting people affected by leprosy by raising funds and awareness in their local community for over 40 years!

Shirley began her service by attending the inaugural meeting of the Toowoomba Auxiliary/ Support Group in October 1975. She was elected as Secretary at the AGM in 1981 and has continued on in that role to the present day.

Each year Shirley presents all members of the group with a Comprehensive Annual Financial statement. Shirley provides the tea, coffee, milk and sugar for all the group’s functions, as well as organising change for various stalls. She is always on the door to welcome supporters, as well as working behind the scenes in the kitchen.

After a tiring day at a function, Shirley will go home and within a few hours can report the proceeds of all their efforts. She has been and continues to be a wonderful, efficient, and unassuming treasurer. Bless you Shirley!

Jan joined the Toowoomba Auxiliary in 1980 and has been an enthusiastic, hardworking team member since then. Since 1989 she has been a very efficient “permanent” secretary and record keeper.

She has an ‘eye for detail’ and for anything the group has done, Jan has the record. For many years she maintained good contact with the churches and supporters as she advertised the auxiliary’s events. She has contributed to the encouragement of the locals and the wonderful The Leprosy Mission family atmosphere at the group’s meetings.

Jan lines up artists for the annual concert and organises the kitchen for every event. Meetings have been held at Jan’s home for at least the past 10 years, and she often provides afternoon tea and her homemade biscuits. Jan continues to be a most faithful long-term supporter and tireless worker. Bless you Jan!

We pray that Jan and Shirley and all those serving in Leprosy Mission Support Groups and Auxiliaries will be encouraged by the way God is blessing all their leprosy awareness and fundraising activities across Australia.

To join or start a Leprosy Mission Support Group or Auxiliary please contact Tim Collison FREECALL 1800 LEPROSY (1800 537 767) or email: [email protected]

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