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Small projects – big impacts!

22 Jan 2019 | Author: The Leprosy Mission Australia

The New Year is a great time to pause, think and pray about how we can best serve The Lord and people affected by leprosy and disability. Prayer, of course, is paramount. And you may already have something specific on your heart that you will do this year. But if not – you may consider these projects that will directly impact the lives of people affected by leprosy and disability in a practical way.

Perhaps you can inspire family and friends or your small group or church to join with you in providing financial support to defeat leprosy — one small project at a time! And bring Glory to God in the process!

What do you have a heart for?

♥ For Education and Training in India:

1 Welding machine to support vocational training courses (and income generation for VTC)- $1,000
60 Uniforms for Students – $1,500
80 Student’s Food and Accommodation (20 lots) – $2,000 for 4 students
Student’s Spiritual Support (chaplaincy and devotions) *Not tax deductible – $2,000.00*

♥ For Safe Water, Training & Leprosy Prevention in Nigeria:
6 Self-Care Groups trained on Ulcer/disability Management (2 lots) – $1,430 each
5,000 Pamphlets on Leprosy Prevention & Disability produced and distributed (2 lots)- $1,725 each
8 schools Educated on Water Safety and Disease Prevention (2 lots of 4 schools) – $2,000

♥ For The Rights for People with Disabilities in Timor Leste:
60 Community Level Training Sessions on The Rights of People with Disabilities – $290 each
2 Buildings Modified to allow Disability Access – $1,450 each
2 People with Disabilities Supported to gain Employment – $450 each
6 groups Trained by Timor Leste National Disabled People’s Organisation in advocacy – $1,550 each

♥ For Training and Development for People affected by Leprosy in Nepal:

16 communities to be Trained on Health and Hygiene – $260 each
12 Self-care Education Workshops for people affected by leprosy – $1,050 for 4 workshops
4 Communities Trained on Disaster Preparedness (16 groups trained) – $640 for 4 groups
2 groups of 12 Trained in Organic Farming (24 groups) – $1,600 for 2 groups
12 Bicycles for Self-Care Group Volunteer Facilitators – $135 each
4 Houses Modified to allow Disability Access – $250 each
Salary support for Andrew Sithling, project leader (5 lots) – $2,580 each

♥ Better Health for People with Disabilities in Timor Leste:

5 Leprosy Training Sessions for Health Workers, Community Leaders/Volunteers – $860 each
10 Leprosy Awareness Raising Sessions at Schools in endemic areas – $150 each
10 Leprosy Screening in Schools – $720 each
30 Contact Tracing Activities (following up family and other contacts of newly diagnosed leprosy cases) – $360 each
8 Self-Care Groups Trained in Prevention of Disability – $2,150 each
Salary support for Francisco Da Silva, project leader (5 lots) – $2,600 each

♥ For Leprosy Mission Hospitals in India:
Salur Hospital:
Purchase of Medical Equipment for Hospital (3 lots) – $1,900 each
Medicine for Leprosy Reaction and Ulcer Treatment (4 lots) – $1,950 each
Food for Patients (10 lots) – $1,300 each
Kothara Hospital:
Purchase of Medical Equipment for Hospital (2 lots) – $2,500 each
Medicine for Leprosy Reaction and Ulcer Treatment (2 lots) – $2,450 each
30 leprosy patients given reconstructive surgery – $145 each

♥ For Elderly Leprosy Patients in Thailand:
Training of Government Health Workers in Leprosy Detection and Treatment (3 lots) – $1,100 each
30 elderly leprosy patients Accommodation and Care for one year – $445 each

♥ For Leprosy Mission Field Workers:
In Nigeria: Salary support for Terver Anyor (12 lots) – $1,580 each
In Nepal: Salary support for Shovakhar Kandal (9 lots) – $2,000 each
In Papua New Guinea: Salary support for Natalie Smith (15 lots) – $2,000 each
In Timor Leste: Salary support for Nona Lisnahan (9 lots) – $2,000 each
In India: Salary support for Manivannan G (5 lots) – $2,600 each

Please pray for these projects, that they will be funded and will change lives!

If you’d like more information about these projects or other small projects please contact Tim Collison FREECALL 1800 LEPROSY (1800 537 767) or email [email protected]

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