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Please keep praying for Lily

19 Aug 2018 | Author: Natalie Smith

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who donated to help Lily.

After my February letter about Lily, so many of you contacted us to ask how this young girl is faring. It’s so humbling to see the way you share God’s heart for her.

When we first met Lily, she was in a bad state of neglect. Leprosy was destroying her foot and her life. She had already lost two toes and was suffering from an ugly, swollen ulcer on the sole of her foot. It was hard for her to walk and she had never been to school.

Now, Lily has sandals to protect her feet and bandages to keep her ulcer clean. This means she can walk more easily. She also started Multi-Drug Therapy to cure leprosy.  All thanks to you.

However, not everything has gone smoothly.  Lily was too far behind in her education to join a normal class with her peers. So we organised for a local teacher to come to her house a few times
a week to teach her and give her homework. We hoped she may be able to join the local school when she was ready or be able to continue with home study for a while. But that teacher was
not very good and didn’t come, and to date to this schooling hasn’t happened.

Thanks to your support, we are now enrolling her into literacy classes. We will also include her in as much of your project’s different livelihood trainings as possible. This will give her lots of
opportunity and a range of skills.

Lily still dreams of earning her own income one day. So we are determined to help her complete her full course of treatment and reach her full potential!

Thank you for continuing to stand in the gap for Lily… like Jesus does. It is a long road, but her life IS transforming because of people like you! Please keep praying!

Natalie Smith is Country Leader of The Leprosy Mission Papua New Guinea.  To provide financial support for people like Lily, or Natalie, Rosa and the team in Papua New Guinea, please call FREECALL 1800 LEPROSY (1800 537 767) or go the project page.

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