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You’ve brought the joy of Jesus to Nagammal

23 Apr 2018 | Author: The Leprosy Mission Australia

“When people from The Leprosy Mission visit my house, it is as if Jesus himself has come to visit me!”

See Nagammal’s smile? Her eyes shine withthe love of Jesus… because of you.

She wasn’t always this happy. Far from it.Leprosy had destroyed her happy marriage. It left her with severe deformities. With no hands and feet, she wasn’t able to care for her husband and their home.

She wasn’t even able to care of herself. Instead, her husband had taken care of her every need. Eventually the pressure took its toll. He abandoned her. And never came back. He had been the love of her life. Her best friend. Now he was gone.

Nagammal’s family wanted nothing to do with her. Only her sister would come to support her. For the following years, she lived in a rough goat shed. Distressed. Ostracised. Heartbroken.

But it all changed when your support reached her!

Nagammal will never forget the day a Leprosy Mission worker trod through the mud and debris after severe floods to rescue her.

“I couldn’t remember the last time I encountered someone who was happy to see me. I cried tears of joy. He came searching for me, giving his whole heart and soul.”

You brought the love of Jesus to Nagammal. Because of you, she’s seen God’s love in action. Treatment for leprosy, reconstructive surgery, a wheelchair, and a brand new home changed everything! Today, she even stands on her feet and walks with a special frame and new protective shoes! She is independent – and accepted in her community again.

And the biggest thing of all… she’s now a follower of Jesus!

Because of Him, she no longer feels alone. She prays every day. She shares His love with her neighbours. She has the joy of The Lord.

Nagammal wants you to know how thankful she is for you!

If you’d like to transform other lives like Nagammal’s, you can donate here or by calling 1800 LEPROSY (1800 537 767).

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