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A prayer for the next 100 years…

16 Apr 2018 | Author: The Leprosy Mission Australia

Sometimes, it’s so easy to become numb to the number of people with leprosy who need help. It’s hard to keep caring when the need is so great.

That’s why we’d like to share this poem and prayer from Dr Ira Packyanathan, based at Vadathorasalur Hospital, in Tamil Nadu, India.

Disturb us, Lord

Numb patches, clawed hands,
Stubbed feet, half shoes
Anxious faces, reluctant smiles
Wondering – is there a cure?
Travelling from afar
Some barefoot in the sun
Febrile, itchy and sore
Seeking an eternal cure

Disturb us, Lord

Break down the wall
Of pride and comfort
Heal our blindness
Our maimed hands
Our numb minds
Our leaden hearts
That draw back
From drawing near.

Disturb us, Lord

May we not rest
On glories past
Revive us, ignite us
Disturb us
Shatter our apathy
Unsettle our comfort zones
Stir Your gift within us
Kindle Your flame in us

Give us fresh eyes to see
Keen ears to heed your call
Sensitive hearts renewed by Your Spirit
Surrendered wills ready to obey

That we may bring anew
Light in dark places
Strength for the weary
Wholeness for the broken
And hope for the lost

May the flame lit a century ago
Burn brighter in us and around us
With each passing year

Dr Ira sees firsthand the terrible impact of leprosy on people’s lives like she has with Nagammal… and she also sees the impact you have when you continue to support people like these. Thank you for keeping alive the heart and vision of The Leprosy Mission to see leprosy eliminated forever.

Please pray for Dr Ira and the work in India… God bless you! With your ongoing support, specialists like Dr Ira continue to bring light into dark places for leprosy-affected people.


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