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Cure One like Anjali!

20 Mar 2018 | Author: The Leprosy Mission Australia

This girl should have her whole life ahead of her…

If you’re already a Cure One supporter, I want to thank you for curing one, like Nutan. What a blessing it is to see Nutan’s Cure, Care and Restore journey unfold!

You can now follow the journey of another. Her name is Anjali. When the first patches and tingling of leprosy appeared at age 12, Anjali tried to hide it from her family and friends.

But there was no hiding her inability to hold a pen at school… because she’d lost sensation in her hands. Nor could she hide the terrible burns and blisters on her feet from warming them in front of the fire… because nerve damage meant she could not feel the flames.

Local hospital doctors refused to treat this girl. Her parents cried in agony when they found out Anjali had leprosy.

Would her feet need to be amputated? Would anyone be able to cure their beloved daughter from this disease?

When you make the commitment to Cure One, you will follow Anjali’s year-long healing journey:

1. You provide a CURE. So Anjali can receive Multi-Drug Therapy and treatment so she will not lose her feet!
2. You provide CARE. With self-care training and physiotherapy for Anjali, you may well see her walk with healed feet and write with a restored hand!
3. You will RESTORE. Anjali can go back to her family and community, and finish her education.

Although leprosy is totally curable, it takes time to complete a full course of leprosy medicine and receive follow up treatment.

That’s why we need your 12-month commitment to Cure One. It’s just $36 a month or $432 for the whole year.

Jesus reached out and Cured One like Anjali. Will you do the same and help Cure One too?

You can Cure One by visiting

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