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Jesus overturned stigma—you can too!

03 Jan 2018 | Author: Andrew Hateley-Browne

Jesus rejected the belief that leprosy was a curse from God, or was a result of people’s own poor choices. Instead Jesus overturned the stigma: He reached out to people in need; He touched those who had been labelled as untouchable; He welcomed those who had been isolated and rejected.

Jesus called people to love others in the same way. You don’t have to move to India or Nepal do this. You can help free people affected by leprosy from the devastation of disability, poverty, isolation and rejection, simply by having a cuppa! You can host a Cuppa for a Cure event—a morning or afternoon tea to raise funds and awareness, and pray together. And the New Year is a perfect time to start planning your event! Host your event as part of a World Leprosy Sunday celebration!

Molly, pictured above, is 12. She learnt at her church that followers of Jesus should share God’s love with others. So she organised a Cuppa for a Cure to fundraise for people affected by leprosy. She made chocolate crackles and sold them at church. Her hard work raised $70! With this money, she has chosen to give a goat, a pair of chickens and a soap pack to help people affected by leprosy.

You too can host a Cuppa for a Cure event. Invite your family and friends and ask them to donate to people affected by leprosy and disability. You can make a big difference with as little as a gold coin. You might want to host at a local café, at home, at your church or somewhere else—it’s up to you.

We can provide you with helpful resources, including posters, coasters, prayers and information about leprosy to share. You can also help people affected by leprosy simply by stocking your event with our range of organic Fair Trade teas and coffees. These are available to buy at The Leprosy Mission Australia shop. By purchasing products from our shop you’re also providing people with a livelihood and overturning the barriers of leprosy, disability and poverty.

This year you can join other Australian supporters, like Molly, by helping people affected by leprosy and disability with a Cuppa for a Cure.

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