World Leprosy Day

Sena and her mother

The Leprosy Mission Prayer


Almighty Father, the giver of life and health, look mercifully on those who suffer from leprosy.


Stretch out your hand to touch and heal them as Jesus did during His earthly life. 


Grant wisdom and insight to those who are seeking the prevention and cure of the disease.


Give skill and sympathy to those who minister to the patients.


Reunite the separated with their families and friends.


And inspire your people with the task set before The Leprosy Mission,


That it may never lack either the staff or the means to carry on its healing work,


In accordance with your will, and to the glory of your holy name.


We ask for this for the sake of Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord,





Host a Cuppa for a Cure event and Pray


Leprosy is resurfacing within some communities living in extreme poverty around the world. The number of new cases detected in Papua New Guinea has almost doubled in the last two years.


We’ve discovered many new cases of leprosy amongst the children in the Central Province, only three hours from the capital city. It’s easy for them to get leprosy because large numbers in their villages have it. Sadly with a disability. And they don’t have medicines.


Sena is one of those children. Her mother believes that Sena was exposed to leprosy on a visit to her aunt in the highlands. She was later diagnosed in Port Moresby.


Your ongoing support has helped diagnose children like Sena and prevent disabilities. But we have found many more children need your help. 

ASK 2016 Prayer Diary

On the last day of January, people all around the world will celebrate World Leprosy Day. It’s a day we can all set aside to raise awareness of people affected by leprosy.


To celebrate the day, we’re encouraging people to pray for people affected by leprosy. You can say a prayer in your private worship, with your loved ones, or include it in your church’s liturgy. You might like to use The Leprosy Mission Prayer in the sidebar.


Partner in Prayer


There is also a growing community of Prayer Partners who commit to regular prayer throughout the year. If you would like to support people affected by leprosy in this way, we can provide you with the ASK 2016 Prayer Diary. It includes feature articles, bimonthly devotions, prayers and country profiles. The diary is available for free. Request yours today! You can also sign up to receive prayer points for every day of the year.


Host a Cuppa for a Cure


As well as your prayer support, we’re asking you to host a Cuppa for a Cure during 2016. It’s an easy way you can raise money for people affected by leprosy. Just hold a morning or afternoon tea anywhere and at anytime this year. You might want to host at a local cafe, at home or with your church. We can provide you with helpful resources, including posters and coasters. We also have a range of organic fair-trade teas and coffees available to buy at our shop.


Your group can raise the money needed. It will help other children like Sena to grow up without the stigma of leprosy. They won’t be discriminated against, and they won’t miss out on school.


Please consider having a Cuppa for a Cure tea party. To register your event and request resources get in touch!


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