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With every purchase, you make a positive impact on our world and its people.


Today the commercial world often exploits people in poorer countries and wreaks havoc on the planet. But when you shop from the Cure One Catalogue, you choose to make a difference. You give people living in poorer communities a chance to earn an income. You support people affected by leprosy and disability.


Choose from a range of Fair Trade items or handmade gifts from people involved with leprosy rehabilitation centres.

Every purchase you make will positively impact someone in great need.


With your care and support, people living with leprosy can live healthier lives. They can live with hope and dignity and become more independent within their own communities.

Your support gives hope, healing and dignity to someone affected by leprosy.


We think you'll also appreciate the case studies and leprosy facts we've included throughout the catalogue; we encourage you to get in touch with us for more information on the work of The Leprosy Mission Australia around the world.


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Cure One Summer 
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